IT is good that Boris Johnson is personally going to Brussels this evening for dinner with the European Commission president Ursula Von Der Leyen.

People are trying to read all sorts into his visit: he wouldn’t be going unless he was likely to succeed; he’s only going to show that he pushed the deal to the bitter end.

Last December, the people of the North-East voted as much for Mr Johnson personally as they did for his party because they believed he was the person to push Brexit over the line. Now it looks as if he is trying to personally get them a deal that would help mitigate some of the worst economic side effects of Britain regaining its sovereignty.

And there were more reasons to be positive yesterday as the Government appeared to back down over its Internal Market Bill which would have enabled Britain to break international law. Riding roughshod over the law was never going to be good for Britain’s reputation.

Although you can read all sorts into this decision as well, we hope that the spirit of positive compromise is shown on all sides tonight. Enjoy dinner, Boris!