A SIXTH form student, has been ranked top in the country on the highly-acclaimed Best Choice Chemistry programme.

Betsie Scott Hall, a year 13 student at Richmond Sixth Form College, aims to become a research chemist and uses the programme to consolidate and further her knowledge in topics covered in class and prepare for future subjects.

Kevin Sandell, Betsie's chemistry teacher, said: "Betsie is and always has been very enthusiastic about Science and is very focussed on understanding the challenges of Chemistry, both in school and in her free time.

"She will excel with the challenges and puzzles she is set in higher education and we could very well hear of great things from her."

Betsie said: "“My fascination with the subject was catalysed in Year 7 when I first learned about the periodic table. Since then it’s been my favourite subject, but it was only at GCSE when I became driven in it.

"Chemistry appeals to me because it’s such a limitless subject, and has the ability to evolve with even the most molecular of discoveries.

"I find it really interesting just how much the subject has developed from its origins."