A GROUP of villagers are tidying up their village ready for the new year.

The Hunwick, Social and Environmental Group was founded back in October with the primary objective of improving the village.

Already the group has done a litter pick that proved popular with many residents joining in, socially distanced.

Their next litter pick which is due to take place in December already has 30 names.

The group is also preparing for Hunwick in Bloom 2021 by planting bulbs in the cemetery of the parish church.

It was identified as an area that need some development being one of the focal points in the village with weddings and christenings.

They hope to make the village more appealing and in doing so hope that the community will continue to have a sense of pride in where they live.

There are plans to improve the flower beds at the entrances of the village.

Group founder Christine Ebdon said: “I am sure we will see the benefits of our work next Spring and every year after that as the plants flourish. This being the first stage of The Hunwick in Bloom project enhancing the village for the benefit of the community.”

Durham County Councillor for Willington and Hunwick Olwyn Gunn said: “In these difficult times it’s a breath of fresh air to have a new Hunwick residents group making a difference in their village.

"Bulb planting for Hunwick in Bloom is just one of their many projects and I’ve nothing but praise and support for their enterprise and commitment.”