A PUPPY with worrying nasal discharge left her owners in shock when vets retrieved an 8cm stick from her snout.

The discovery was made after 18-month-old puppy Meg had been rushed to Wear Referrals, in Bradbury, County Durham, as an emergency case.

Wear internal medicine clinician Chiara Giannasi was taken aback when she uncovered the stick –measuring the same width as a new iPhone – which had been stuck for a month and caused loveable little Meg to suffer from a nasty nasal discharge.

She said: “It was an amazing case and I have never removed anything so huge from a dog’s nose before.

“Meg arrived here as an emergency referral as she was suffering a worrying nasal discharge but no-one could understand why.

“We immediately performed a CT scan and endoscopy, which involves the use of a flexible fibre-optic camera, to try to identify the problem. We were astonished to find an 8cm stick stuck in her nose.”

Meg's owner David Sherwood, 67, from Fylingdales, near Whitby, in North Yorkshire, was equally taken aback when the vet explained the cause of Meg’s discomfort and bleeding.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Sherwood, who is a retired farmer said: “You’d think something so long would be sticking out the end of her nose, yet you couldn’t see anything.

“I was amazed and when I showed photos of the offending stick to some of my friends they couldn’t believe it either.”