A MAN who urinated in a police cell twice despite a working toilet being in the room has appeared at court.

Wayne Martin Robinson was arrested and put into a cell in Durham police station on the evening of May 30.

A police officer later noticed him urinating against the cell door and liquid was found seeping out from underneath the door.

Jonathan Hanratty, prosecuting at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates' Court, said: "He was arrested for an unrelated matter for which he was not charged.

"Whilst in the cell he was observed urinating on the door in a left-to-right swaying motion.

"Urine could be seen flowing out from underneath the door and into the corridor.

"Approximately 20 minutes later the defendant urinated up against the cell door again, despite a working toilet being in the cell.

"The custody cell was rendered out of use until it could be deep cleaned, which costs £150."

Robinson, of Cooper Square, Durham, pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Bill Davison, mitigating, said: "At that time he had suffered with three family bereavements and was drinking heavily, he was not in a good place."

Robinson was fined £150 and ordered to pay £85 court costs.