A NORTH-EAST road described as "dangerous" is set to see its speed limit slashed following a succesful petition.

Tunstall Hope Road, in Sunderland, is set to see speed restrictions dropped to 30mph in a bid to make the road safer for residents and drivers.

More than 360 signatures were added to a petition led by Labour councillors in the city, prompting a council investigation to see if its 40mph limit could be reduced.

As part of the council's investigation, surveys took place at both ends of the road to determine what speeds drivers were travelling at.

Although survey results indicated most drivers were travelling at the 40mph speed limit, it was found that the section of road between Harperley Drive, and the access road to Tunstall Hope Lodge, was considered to have a "downward influence" on vehicle speeds.

One resident, who has lived in the Hope Road area for around three years, said she was delighted that the council is set to reduce the speed limit.

Helen Snowball, who started the petiton, said: “In my time living in the area, I have seen so many accidents on this road. 

"And still, I see cars travelling quickly on this road. I am delighted that the council have looked into this and that action will be taken. 

"This is a great starting point to improve safety on this dangerous stretch of road.” 

Councillor Philip Tye, Labour ward councillor for Silksworth, said the move would be a welcome step forward for worried residents.

He said: “We know that positive action has already been taken to make this road safer, with the council having already reduced it from a national speed limit road to a 40mph zone some years ago. 

"However, we have long believed these limits don’t go far enough, and we’re delighted that this petition has forced action to ensure that we make the Hope Road as safe as possible for drivers passing through it. 

“There have been many accidents – some fatalities – on this stretch of road, and we firmly believe that reducing the speed limit will have a positive impact, making this safer for the many thousands of drivers who use it each week. 

"This is a real step forward and we’re pleased officers at the council have taken our concerns on board and are taking action.”

Plans to extend the 30mph limit on the partial section of Tunstall Hope Road will now progress to a consultation stage, allowing members of the public to have their say on proposals before a final decision is made. 

Should plans be agreed, the limit will be adjusted as part of the council’s programme of minor road works in 2021.