FURIOUS easyJet customers say they have been left feeling ‘disgusted’ after not receiving refunds for cancelled flights more than three months on.

The airline has again been slammed for 'refusing' to refund its customers following the permanent axing of its international flights from Newcastle Airport.

Families from across the North-East claim they have been mislead while trying to get their money back, while some say they have been told they are not eligible for a refund.

Towards the end of August, easyJet confirmed the permanent axing of all international flights from the North-East and the closure of its Newcastle base.

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At the time, the airline said only its Belfast and Bristol services would be left operating from Newcastle, with the international routes ending in October.

The airline faced criticism shortly after the announcement as a number of customers claimed they had not been refunded.

But more than three months on, the airline has again received backlash from angry customers over a lack of action.

'I am furious with them'

John and Julie Noonan, who were due to fly to Malaga in April next year, said they had been left in limbo while waiting for their £185.44 to be returned after requesting a refund in September.

Mrs Noonan said that they had originally booked the tickets for April this year, but after those flights were cancelled they were not offered a refund and instead advised to rebook for the following year.

She said: "We weren't told our flights in 2021 were cancelled and when we got through to the call centre, they said they can't refund us as the flights are still showing as departing.

“I am furious with them, we've have been a loyal customer, ever since it started flying from Newcastle – I thought other airlines were bad, but nothing like this."

The Northern Echo:

'We haven't had a reply'

Les Balmer, who was due to fly to Faro in September next year, described how he had been left at a loss while trying to seek his £244.92 back three months ago.

Mr Balmer said: "We'd originally booked it in 2019 for June this year, then we decided to rebook for September next year as we couldn't go for personal reasons.

"We took a travel voucher and used it for that – they are now saying they can't refund us and saying they can't find the amount paid originally on my debit card."

Mr Balmer, who said he would routinely fly between two and three times a year with easyJet, said he has repeatedly approached the airline for a refund.

"I emailed them again ten days ago but haven't had a reply," he added.

'We've been going round and round in circles'

The Northern Echo:

Also seeking a refund since September, Tony and Julie Findley described their 'disgust' after being told they would not be refunded for their cancelled Faro flights for June 2021, as they had used a voucher - issued from a previously cancelled flight.

Mr Findley, who had paid £405.15 in total, said: "I feel absolutely disgusted by the whole thing, rather than take a refund for our cancelled flights, we rebooked them and used a voucher - like a lot of people did.

"We've been going round and round in circles, we've been told the flights are still active and that customer services cannot refund us because we transferred the flights and used a voucher."

What easyJet have said

In response, easyJet said it would now be refunding Mr and Mrs Noonan, Mr and Mrs Balmer and Mr Findley in full.

A spokesperson for easyJet said: “We are sorry that these customers were incorrectly informed of their options.

"Our team has now been in touch with the customers to apologise for the error and provide a full refund for their flights.

“Following the decision that easyJet would be closing its Newcastle base, any customers with flight vouchers who are no longer able to use these as a result of the base closure will be able to receive a refund instead.

“We would like to reassure customers that we have contacted those whose flights are impacted with clear guidance on their options which include switching to another flight free of charge, receiving a voucher or a refund.”