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The majority of questions surround the coronavirus pandemic- but there are also questions about the infamous Dominic Cummings.

Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions about County Durham:


Why is County Durham so cheap?

In 2019, research by the Yorkshire Building Society revealed that County Durham was one of the most affordable places to live in the UK.

These statistics were gathered by looking at official wage and house price figures across local authorities.

However, County Durham is a massive area and the cost of living fluctuates depending on where you go.

For instance, house prices in Barnard Castle are among the highest in County Durham compared to the more affordable areas like Peterlee.

Why is Darlington called Darlington?

The name ‘Darlington’ evolved from the name ‘Dearthington’ which it was given in around 1003 AD.

This is thought to mean ‘the settlement of Deornoth’s people’. 

Why is Durham called ‘Land of the Prince Bishops’

From the 11th century, several bishops resided in Durham Castle- they were known as the Prince Bishops of Durham and they were among England’s most powerful figures.

They acted as the religious head of the large diocese and they also had the role of defending the kingdom against the Scottish threat.


What to do in County Durham?

The Northern Echo: Durham CathedralDurham Cathedral

(Photo: Geograph/ John Sutton)

Post-lockdown, there are plenty of things to do and see in County Durham.

For a taste of culture, make sure to visit Durham Cathedral or take a relaxing walk around the North Pennines.

You should also grab a bite to eat in some of the county’s top restaurants; Shaheens Indian in Durham is great if you want to inject some spice in your life.


Where is County Durham on the map?

The county is in the North East of England; it’s north of Yorkshire and south of Newcastle.

Where is Auckland Castle?

The Northern Echo: Auckland Castle Auckland Castle

(Photo: Geograph/Philip Barker)

As the title suggests, the castle is in Bishop Auckland.

This is the full address: Market Pl, Bishop Auckland DL14 7NR

Where is Whorlton Hall County Durham?

This hospital is located in Barnard Castle and the full address is Whorlton House, Whorlton, Barnard Castle DL12 8XQ.

The hospital fell into the public eye after an independent review has found the Care Quality Commission missed the chance identify serious failings at Whorlton Hall.

Where in County Durham is Dominic Cumming’s farm?

The Northern Echo: Dominic CummingsDominic Cummings

(Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

The farm in question is on the outskirts of Durham.

Earlier this year, Mr Cummings hit the headlines after he made a 250-mile round trip to this County Durham farm and broke lockdown rules.


How to contact County Durham council

There are multiple ways to contact the council.

You can contact them online, over the phone or even over social media.

How big is County Durham?

County Durham is huge and covers an area of around 862 square miles.


Will It snow in County Durham

A snow day doesn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future!

The Met Office has forecast mostly cloudy weather with sunny spells this week.  

Can I travel outside County Durham

The current government guidelines prohibit travel within or outside County Durham unless it is for a specific reason (essential shopping, medical reasons, work, education)

However, you can start planning your next luxury trip for when lockdown restrictions start to ease.


Which bin shall I put out in County Durham?

It’s a chore we have to do every week, and yet, we can never remember which bin is being collected.

You can find out your collection day by visiting the council website, clicking on My Durham and entering your house name or number and postcode.


Are County Durham tips open?

During the first lockdown which started in March, many rubbish tips and recycling centres across England were ordered to close.

However, this time is different and most are allowed to remain open during November’s lockdown- including those across County Durham.

You can find your nearest tip on the council website.


What accent is County Durham?

This is a question that will divide many people.

Some might say people from County Durham have a ‘Geordie’ accent, similar to people from Newcastle; others may argue the accent is more Yorkshire.

The people of Reddit have already discussed this pressing question, with different people weighing in about the accent.

One person said it is a “distinctive accent that's not quite Geordie or Mackem(Sunderland)”.

Another wrote: “It's somewhere between a Geordie accent and a stereotypical Yorkshire accent. I'm sure locals would argue it has lots of subtle nuances.”

What do you think?

What’s the weather in Darlington?

According to the Met Office, the weather in Darlington for the coming week is set to be largely cloudy with sunny spells.

What is Bishop Auckland like?

We think Bishop Auckland is great.

It’s a great place to visit if you want a culture-filled day out as it is home to Auckland Castle.

It’s also where comedian Stan Laurel spent a lot of his early years.

What is Durham Cathedral made from? 

The Northern Echo: Durham CathedralDurham Cathedral  

(Photo: Geograph/ Richard Croft)                        

Initially, it was a temporary structure made of timber.

However, after it was further built and developed the structure became sturdier.

The Cathedral you see today is mostly made from stone.

The 12th century section of the cathedral is the oldest, and boasts a large amount of local stone called the Frosterley marble which dates back 310 million years.