A COUNTY Durham MP went viral after an appearance on BBC News left viewers questioning her seemingly "enormous" shoulders.

Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland Dehenna Davison left viewers perplexed after her appearance on the tv channel on Monday evening.

Eagled eyed viewers took to Twitter to highlight the gaffe, which saw her similarly-coloured jacket blend into the chair.

The MP's appearance was likened to Kanye West's appearance in the music video "I Love It", while others said it was 'hilarious' and that they had to have a double take.

But seeing the funny side of her appearance, Ms Davison herself took to Twitter with a tweet using the hashtag #FashionFail

Ms Davison had earlier tweeted: "Note to self, in future, make sure jacket and chair don’t match to avoid looking like this!

"My shoulder pads may look like they’re from the 1980s, but mine and this Government’s priorities are very much about delivering for today, and for the future."