WITH news of successful Covid vaccine trials dominating headlines, it finally feels like there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the coronavirus pandemic. 

A new jab was shown in early data to be almost 95 per cent effective in protecting against Covid-19.

Scientists welcomed the “tremendously exciting” news that US firm Moderna’s jab may be highly effective in preventing people getting ill and may work across all age groups, including the elderly.

The UK has already secured 40 million doses of a vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech, which uses the same technology as Moderna and should be in the UK before Christmas.

But yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock refused to rule out suggestion that a coronavirus vaccine would be mandatory across England.

Downing Street insisted there were no plans to make vaccination mandatory but the Prime Minister’s official spokesman also declined to rule it out.

The Northern Echo asked readers on Facebook whether they would get the vaccine and who should be a priority. Some 99 of you had your say and responses were mixed.

While those in favour of the vaccine agree NHS front line workers, care home workers and the elderly should be given it first, many are sceptical.

Hayley Cunliffe won't opt to get a vaccine. 

She said: "I won't be getting the vaccine. Its far to early to be able to determine any long term adverse reactions. It takes years of testing before a vaccine is released, this is just too quick and I don't trust it at all."

Some readers, including Lynne Thompson Bendelow, Kim Hanratty and Dave Wilson agreed.

But Carol Paylor also did not want to get the vaccine until she was persuaded by a friend.

She said: "I thought the same until my friend, who has worked in its development, explained it to me. They're using a tried and tested carrier vaccine and swapping one bit out. I know that's a bit rubbish explanation - I'm not a scientist.

"I do trust my friend - she's a clever lady and if she's giving it to her family, I'm following suit."

Tanya Alderson said: "Yes I would have the vaccines just like I’ve had all the other vaccines, but I think the high risk and front line works should get it first."

Others agreed that they would get the vaccine and that frontline workers and the elderly should receive it first.

Steven Booth is keen to be vaccinated.

He said: "Yes and if they want someone to be first in line of quite happily take it."

Anita Howe is also happy to have the vaccine and be a "guinea pig".

Susan Cowley said she would also have it as she is eager to go back to the office.

However, there is some doubt amongst readers. 

Yvonne Jonhson said she will not get the vaccine after seeing her dad's bad reaction to a flu jab.

But Andrew Robert Tuck made an emotional case.

He said: "All these people saying no. Think about the people like myself who are vulnerable due to health reasons.

"I can't have it, even if I wanted it. And here you are throwing away a chance to make everything better.

"Yes there is doubt, of course people will be worried. But look outside, look at those masks. Do you want to see that forever?"