A 'BOOTCAMP' for businesses looking to explore how automation can support their goals has been launched.

Regional tech network Dynamo is hosting a bootcamp for businesses to explore if and when to move towards automation, which will help remove and speed up repetitive tasks to then free up employees.

The bootcamp, which is four sessions over three months, starts December 3.

IT and business consultancy firm CGI and professional services company Accenture will guide participants through the design thinking methodology of problem discovery, build, measure and learn.

Jo McGovern, UK ATC and tech regional operations lead for Accenture, said: “Automation is here and is real, businesses across all industries are faced with the concept of automation and how this will change and impact their day to day operation and organisational structures."

Laura Kemp, Dynamo cluster engagement manager, said: “It can be difficult knowing where to start with automation; which process do you begin with?

"Should everything be automated? Our bootcamp will hopefully give you the answers to these questions and help you to recognise your individual process problems, identify where automation can be effective and create process workflows.

"It will also help firms understand what data to include in a business case for internal investment and how to evaluate the outcomes.”

Applications must be in by November 20 and successful applicants will be notified no later than November 25. For more information visit dynamonortheast.co.uk.