AN inquest into the tragic death of 15 year old Leah Heyes heard two doses of MDMA known as 's***bombs' bought for £10 killed the teenager.

The drugs had been supplied by two local teenagers. Leah collapsed in the Applegarth car park in Northallerton on May 11 last year.

Police called to the car park along with Leah's distraught mother Kerry Roberts called an ambulance and frantic attempts were made to save her but she was pronounced dead at James Cook Hospital later that night.

Leah's mother, who was expecting a baby daughter at the time told the inquest Leah had taken "weed" on one occasion previously and some alcohol and she had talked to her because she didn't want her to go down that road, but she had no other concerns. She is hoping Leah's death will be a warning.

She added: "I struggle daily with the fact that my beautiful daughter has gone and I won't get to see her grow up. I hope people will learn from this and stop taking drugs, I don't want another family to go through this.

The Northern Echo:

Paramedic Tanya Watson gave evidence to say she had been called to the Applegarth car park at 9.30pm but Leah was unresponsive and her breathing extremely shallow. They used a defibrillator and adrenalin to try to resuscitate her as she was taken to hospital.

Pathologist Chris Gray said the toxic effects of the drug, which had been a large dose, was severe and caused extensive changes to Leah's heart muscle leading to unconciousness.

Det Sgt Christopher Parker, from North Yorkshire CID said over 50 people were interviewed in connection with Leah's death including 15 to 20 young people who had been around the park that night.

He said: "A few days before, there were discussions with friends that they were going to get some drugs that Leah and her friend wanted MDMA (also known as ecstasy). It was arranged on Saturday to purchase £10 worth of MDMA and share with friends that evening.

The Northern Echo: Leah's baby sister Ava Leah Rose, who she never got to meet at her memorialLeah's baby sister Ava Leah Rose, who she never got to meet at her memorial

"There was an unknown quantity in two s***bombs, a crystal form of MDMA. Leah had two doses and swallowed them in their entirety.

"There is no doubt Leah purchased the drugs and consumed them of her own free will. Two individuals were charged with supply of those drugs and convicted of supplying Class A drugs, they are due to be sentenced on November 16.

"We are saying to people that they should not be taking illegal substances in any form."

Coroner Jonathan Leech said : "Leah came from a loving and supportive family. Her mother had no concerns as to her behaviour and there were no issues with drugs. This inquest is a message for people that to buy and take drugs is a very risky business ."

He recorded that Leah's death was drug related.