A WOMAN who lost her previous good name selling cocaine on behalf of her brother narrowly escaped a first taste of custody.

Anna Leigh Mullender who kept some of her brother’s “stash” at her address, also delivered to her brother’s customers, on his direction.

Durham Crown Court heard that police searched her home in Helford Road, Peterlee, on July 11, last year.

Chris Wood, prosecuting, said a red box in a kitchen cupboard contained clear grip seal bags containing 10.7g of powder and three others containing 289mp of powder, all of which was later confirmed as cocaine.

Mullender was arrested and made full admissions to dealing on behalf of brother Mark, but only between April 17 and July 5, 2019.

Dr Wood said Mullender admitted selling at £40 per bag, but he would collect the cash and she would receive petrol money, plus some other payment, in return.

But she said she told her brother she no longer wanted to be involved.

Dr Wood said the cocaine found at her home would fetch between £700 and £1,400 in sale terms.

Mullender, now of St Leonards Close, Peterlee, admitted possession with intent to supply at a previous hearing.

Liam O’Brien, mitigating, told the court: “She’s 24 and never once previously has been in trouble with police and the courts prior to involvement in this offending.”

Mr O’Brien said she has recently been working as a carer throughout the pandemic period.

“As a result of her foolish decision to previously involve herself in her brother’s drug dealing she has lost any chance of returning to that job for years to come, if ever, and limited her options for the rest of her life.”

Mr O’Brien argued she played “a limited role” in her brother’s operation and urged Judge Ray Singh to suspend the inevitable prison sentence.

Judge Singh said given her prompt admissions and lack of previous convictions he could “just about” suspend the two-year prison sentence, by two years, during which time she must attend 30 probation-led rehabilitation activity days.

She must also abide by a four-month 8pm to 6am home curfew.

Mullender’s brother, Mark, 25, also of St Leonard’s Close, was jailed for three years for possession with intent to supply cocaine as part of an overall five-year sentence imposed earlier this year.