OUR army of readers in Australia – well, Ben Molloy whose father, Anthony, lives in Darlington – has drawn our attention to this splendid vehicle, a 1957 Bentley S1 Saloon that is about to be auctioned by an online site in Sydney.

It is expected to fetch up to 30,000 Australian dollars – that’s about £16,000.

The auctionhouse, Shannons, says the first owner of the car was Captain G Wright of Darlington, who registered it as UGH 27, which, we think, was a London number.

He shipped it to Malaya on the SS Glenartney in early 1958, and it was sold to J Kirkham of Ideal Homes Ltd in Singapore on August 29, 1959.

It looks as if Capt Wright was planning to export it when he bought it because the two-tone sage and smoke green car came with a radio, mascot, a set of suitcases and was equipped for a tropical climate with front and rear rubber mats and loose seat covers.

The car stayed in Singapore until the mid-1960s when it moved to Australia.

“A well sorted example of this beautiful 1950s luxury car, the Bentley has been maintained in excellent mechanical condition,” says the auction catalogue. It comes with its original owner’s manual.

Bidding opens at shannons.com.au in their spring auction on November 11 and closes a week later.

But who was Capt G Wright, of Darlington? Please email chris.lloyd@nne.co.uk if you can shed any light on the original owner of this beautiful car, or if you have any other pieces of information connected to today’s column.