A TRIO has created a Facebook page with hopes of bringing a 3G football pitch to their village.

Jack Fenwick, Al Wilkinson, and Dayle Little, all from the South Hetton area, organised the page Project Evolution with aims of finding funding for the pitch idea.

The group aims to help areas with shortage of funding, seeking to put forward innovative ideas to increase inclusion and ensure that mental and physical wellbeing is improved.

Mr Fenwick, who works as an energy sales provider, said that there is little to do in the area, and that mental health is a key importance of the page.

The 25-year-old said: "The main aim of the page is for inclusion and to raise awareness of mental health.

"We really want people in the area to have something to do, not just kids but adults as well, and anyone from any walks of life really.

"Even before Covid when things were normal before all of this happened there wasn't much to do in South Hetton.

"There's always conerns that kids get mixed up in anti social behaviour, so it would just be nice to give them something postive and constructive to do.

"We want to gain as much interest as possible and as much funding as we can to hopefully go forward and get the football pitch."

The page has already attracted 200 likes, and the admins are eager to spread the word about their idea.

In talks with the Parish Council, plans have been put forward for the pitch to stand next to the South Hetton community centre, though this remains to be fully confirmed.

Mr Fenwick added: "South Hetton isn't the most well-off of areas in regards to money, so if people living here wanted to play football on a regular basis they'd have to travel elsewhere, which is usually rather expensive.

"Surely it would be loads better to have a pitch here so that it's right on the locals front door - plus it would bring in people from other areas which is only going to make South Hetton a better area anyway and generate a bit of economy here.

"If it does go ahead, it would hopefully create jobs for the area as well, which would be great.

"In the future hopefully we can expand and do this with other areas - the more interest the better."

To follow and show support for the group, follow Project Evolution on Facebook.