POLICE have warned parents they could be fined after having to deal with a series of disturbances involving large groups of youths across east Durham over the weekend.

Officers from the community policing team in Peterlee said that the groups had been gathering in Peterlee, Shotton, Wheatley Hill and Wingate on Saturday night. Parents of several youths were contacted to collect their children following the incidents.

In a Facebook post Peterlee community policing team said: “Yet again we are dealing with large groups of youths in Peterlee, Shotton, Whealtey Hill, and Wingate.

“Tonight a number of youths have been brought back to the police station for their parents to come and collect them.

“Also, allowing your child to have a sleep over at a friend’s house is a breach of covid and parents will be fined for allowing your child to do so.”

Under Covid restrictions it is illegal to meet outside in groups of larger than six people, including children.