DOG owners are frantically trying to track down an Aldi dog bed after reports stores are selling out of them as soon as they arrive.

Part of Aldi's Specialbuys, three types of a donut shaped dog beds have been reportedly hard to find in some stores.

On social media, hundreds of comments from dog owners have praised the budget purchase but many have complained of a lack of availability.

One comment said: "Anyone considering selling an Aldi dog bed to all us unfortunate souls that were unable to get any in our local store?"

Another comment said: "To everyone who has managed to purchase the Aldi dog bed and find stock of it, well done."

Meanwhile another commented on their popularity, and said: "Anyone bought Aldi shares in the last 48 hours?"

Online, the dog bed ranges from £12.99 to £19.99 with the extra large variant "selling fast" with more than 100 sold today (October 16).

But for those who managed to secure the purchase, they've been sharing pictures of their contented four-legged friends on social media.