MANY readers and commentators have reacted angrily to the news that Dominic Cummings and his family will not be billed for the council tax on two properties at their North-East farm from when they were built.

The Northern Echo revealed that the properties on the outskirts of Durham are liable for council tax but that charges will come into effect from the start of this month, following an investigation by the Valuation Agency Office.

That means years of unpaid taxes, potentially between £30,000 and £50,000, will be written off.

Dominic Cummings' £30k unpaid council tax bill 'written off'

Devon Malcolm99 said: “Well unfortunately this article will be no surprise to anyone.

“It's one rule for Tory politicians and one for everyone else.

“He's not even a politician but a management consultant or whatever.

“He is why lockdown was ineffective and there is poor adherence to the law in this country.

“People just look at the Tory elite and think stuff it Local Tory politicians all are spineless individuals looking after no 1 none of them spoke out about Eye test Cummings and his deceit.”

Alfiedude wrote: “The main point is that he owed £30k in council tax but it was written off. If you defaulted on your Council Tax do you think they would be so kind?”

sawdoctor1 described it as ‘totally outrageous’, Livmic said it ‘disgraceful but not surprising’ and Costa Rico said: “Bloody disgusting, if a normal person is a few days late paying theirs, there is hell on.”

One reader, commenting as downstairslad, felt Mr Cummings and his family were not to blame.

He wrote: “Well done Dominic, crack on, you put Barney on the map & Witham Hall has just got £50k to tide it over, how do you think that happened Mockery?

“Yes our hardworking, new, young MP, she knows where Ingleton is as well!

“The unprofessionalism of DCC is exposed again, we not even got a local plan!

“There is absolutely loads of permitted development with no planning consent in County Durham, let's start with that siege tower in Bishop market place, no permission granted for that empty eyesore!

“Labour:- For the few & not the many!”

Which prompted this reaction from millfieldboy: “You really are a sick minded individual. "Support any action whether it is right or wrong so long as it has Conservative involvement.”

Caberwocky1 said: “It was the valuation office’s decision - Brexit elite win again.”

Adding: “Have you read the article it was the govt valuation office who told the council when they could charge from.”

Notrailwaygrafter said: “I hope people remember this when they put their cross in the box at the next election.”

Homshaw1 said: “If he's had the use of the buildings he should pay both the council tax and the water rates.”

Later adding: “I voted Tory but I would not seek to mitigate this disgusting decision in any way. He owned the house. He should pay the bills.”

Sherb1 asked: “Why do I have to pay council tax and Dominic Cummings not?”

To which Homshaw1 replied: “That's because he's a top man and you are one of the plebs.”

darlo59 said: “Shouldn't be written off at all anyone else would be up in court and fined even more or jailed.

“And building something without planning permission usually results in the property being demolished.

“Bulldozers in and down it comes.

“The laws apply to everyone whoever they are surely? This is so wrong and Every honest decent person should see it for what it is.”

Downstairslad went on to suggest the story would serve as a distraction from bigger issues, replying to one reader: “It's a Dominic masterclass in diversion, he can soak this stuff up all day, every day, he thrives on it, I bet there is a copy of the Echo on the cabinet table today as they stand hooting with laughter, it's a non story for the sheeple.”

Prosser is no Dosser suggested The Echo should not have ran the story, saying: “The ((echo)) have ran out of milk and now they're onto the coffee mate jar. With Dom's face on the website they know he pulls the numbers in.”

And Paradise Row said: “What's so important about this that it occupies the front page of today's Echo?

“If Dominic Cummings fails to pay council tax or any other tax, that's his business, and I have no interest in it. Why not try concentrating on the really important things which are affecting us all just now instead of leading a witch hunt to dig up the insignificant?”

But Challenger3 said: “28I voted for Boris Johnson but saw the Cummings debacle as the reason that he would never receive my vote again following the lies and cover up that followed.

“History will reflect that whilst Cummings kept his prime job and was not prosecuted, it was a turning point in the attitudes of the general public towards lockdown, social distancing and restrictions against transmitting Covid 19.

“We see the result of that every day now.

“Whether Cummings actions were acceptable or legal was never an issue for Johnson as come hell or high water, he was never going to be sacked.

“Had Johnson taken the correct course of action at the time, respect for him would have grown, certainly in my opinion. I suspect I am not alone in my thoughts.

“This story just emphasises the fact that there are rules for the many and a completely different set of rules for the privileged few.”

Saveourparks called on MPs to get involved, writing: “Perhaps all the local Conservative MPs would like to make some kind of comment. I look forward to Peter Gibson, new kid on the block at Darlington telling us if this is fair to council taxpayers everywhere.

“No doubt we will be palmed off with some glib statement. Both toes on the party line please.”

Following a political debate among readers, Devon Malcolm99 said: “Some things are not about just left and right but what's right and wrong.”