A FAMILY who starred on a television show which gave them a taste of life down under are now hoping to finally make their dream come true.

Christine and Paul McDonald and their two sons appeared on the BBC’s Wanted Down Under programme three years ago, which gave Brits keen on emigrating a real taste of Aussie life.

The couple and their two teenagers fell in love with the country and returned home to Sunderland, determined to pull out all the stops so they could head back to Oz for good.

And now, with their visas finally in place, the family have only one stumbling block in place – selling their home in Tunstall.

“It’s taken a long time to get our visas because you have to apply to an area where they need your particular skills,” said Mrs McDonald, a therapist for the NHS who specialises in therapy for young people with mental health problems.

“It’s all done on a point system and we’ve finally been able to get visas to move to

Adelaide- but only if we can sell the house.”

The couple have worked hard through the Covid-19 pandemic with Mr McDonald working as an ambulance worker on the frontline for the NHS.

He has now himself contacted Covid-19.

The couple put their four bedroom home on the market in March, but as Covid-19 hit

there was no opportunity to find interested buyers.

And now with the clock ticking, the family have decided to raffle their £170,000 home

– with tickets at £2.50 each.

The family have decided if they sell all 100,000 tickets we are donating to The Bradley

Lowery Foundation.

Tickets to be in with a chance of winning the home can be bought online at raffall.com/ChrisandPaul78