NORTH-East and North Yorkshire ghost hunters have shared their experiences investigating the paranormal at haunted sites across Teesside and Tyneside.

The Heugh​ Gun Battery, Hartlepool 

Ralph Keeton now owns the Extraordinarium Museum in Kingston upon Hull but has been leading ghost hunts in the North-East and North Yorkshire for many years.

The 60-year-old says he has felt spiritual connections since he was six, and first performed many an exorcism age 11 - by accident. 

Mr Keeton, speaking about the Heugh Gun Battery, said: "There is a walking soldier who is often seen at the top of the operations tower, looking out over the parade ground.

"Energy is felt where the first British soldier to die on UK soil was killed by enemy fire.

"The first barbette has two soldiers seen standing by the rear of the gun. When you investigate it, you receive pains around the body.

"In the barrack room, there are two different energies. One is a happy jovial and drunk soldier. He always makes people giggle in there. It’s a chain reaction, often people then feel dizzy and again, it is him.

"He also is seen as a darker shape floating across he’s rear door exit. Within that room is also a little girl. She is also disfigured and terrified she will be seen. Terrified you will catch her.

"It is better felt when sat down - you feel shaky, nervous and your stomach starts to gurgle.  In the underground bunkers, you have a few ghostly activities going on. Footsteps are often heard, light anomalies are seen rising from the floor and voice talks directly on to your ear.

"A Sargent will push and shove you near the mechanical red lift he also gives you backache. The WW1 Shute has another Sargent who hates you being in his way and will push you hard."

The Northern Echo: The Heugh​ Gun BatteryThe Heugh​ Gun Battery

Newcastle Castle Keep, Newcastle

Speaking about another investigation in Newcastle Castle Keep, North Yorkshire man Carl Longstaff, 45, said: "We were in the Great Hall in the keep and asked for a sign. After asking several times, and saying to use our energy, we heard a bang. The bang came from the King's Chamber that attaches to the hall.

"After investigating the chamber we deduced that the sound was the heavy handle of a large chest banging on to the side of the chest. A fortnight later when we were there with another set of guests, we were in the hall again and asked the spirits if they recognised us to please do the same as before no sooner had we finished saying it the handle banged again.

"We asked for another sign and one of the detectors we had that was on a chair about two meters away from anyone flew off the chair. About detectors minutes later most of our guests left."

Washington woman Sue Letton, 46, has also hosted and attended ghost hunts at Newcastle Castle Keep for over a decade.

Mrs Letton went to her first open circle at 16 where a medium sensed her great auntie, telling the red-headed woman "auntie Hilda is the only one in your family who has the same colour hair".

An open circle is where people sit together and try to develop their mediumship skills and communicate with spirits to then feed that back to the room, as someone may have a connection to a given spirit.

Mrs Letton said: "The Newcastle Castle Keep is a great place to visit as long as you can work around the noise of the city centre nightlife, we’ve had some great results over the years.

"You get a horrible feeling of dread when you go into the room where they kept prisoners."

The Northern Echo: Inside Newcastle Castle KeepInside Newcastle Castle Keep

Thornaby Sports and Leisure Club, Teesside 

Teessider Danny Scott was the manager of Thornaby Sports and Leisure Club and invited Mrs Letton and team members to investigate the site after joining them at Busby stoop, which he calls "a spooky place indeed".

The 34-year-old, who believes he experienced paranormal activity at the club, said: "The shutters used to come down on there own and glasses would fall off the shelves on there own.

"Alarms would be triggered in the silly hours of the morning and when checked there was nothing about The club was built on the last remaining part of the runway which was used in the second World War.

"The spirit that's reported to visit the club is called Peter, a pilot who crashed his spitfire plane near to the club at the end of the runway."

Mrs Letton was involved in a group open circle at the club, where she heard "taps and signals" in response to questions.