THIS is the moment that the first members of the Windrush generation arrived in Darlington, at Bank Top station, in 1956.

This picture has been kindly sent in by Jonathan Cherrington, whose grandfather, Jacob Tucker, is second from the right.

The Windrush generation are the people who came over from the West Indies between 1948 and 1971 to fill gaps in the British labour market.

It is believed that this first contingent of men came north from London to work for Darlington Transport Corporation on the council-run buses - Mr Tucker, from Jamaica, although a sheomaker by trade, started off as a conductor.

Many of the new arrivals settled in the East Mount Road area and, as soon as they could afford to, brought their families over.

Their descendants, the first Darlington-born black people, are still in the town to this day, and we shall have more on this story next week, but we would love to hear from anyone who has any connections with the picture.

We believe it may also include Mr Henry, Mr Webley, Mr Valentine, Mr Morrison, Mr Jowett, Sidney King and Alty and Noel Thompson.

Please email if you have any information.