MORE than 100 students at the University of Sunderland have now tested positive for coronavirus.

Figures released last night showed that, as of Wednesday, October 7, 102 students and nine staff had received a positive Covid-19 test result.

Most are said to live in student accommodation and all have been asked to follow self isolation advice.

A spokesperson said: "All of those affected are receiving University support and cases are being managed according to public health requirements.

“The positive student cases are largely clustered in student accommodation and the vast majority of students and staff within our University community are following our ‘safe campus’ guidance.

"We are hugely grateful to everyone concerned for their care and the consideration being shown to others.

“As part of our detailed plans, we have a team in place seven days a week to track cases and work with local and national health officials.

"Staff or students who need to take action as a result of close contact with a positive case are being informed directly.

“Work to deliver timetabled teaching and support on campus is continuing, supplemented by the online teaching and assessment as set out in our hybrid teaching model.”