RESIDENTS who have been plagued by the sight of a property in disarray have had their pleas answered by the council.

Darlington Borough Council has helped to transform a empty property in Brinkburn Avenue, which they reported was causing “misery and worry for the neighbours”.

The property had been left unkept since the departure of its last tenants years ago.

Councillor Scott Durham said: “We have been dealing with this long standing issue which due to Covid had to be put on hold. One of the main concerns reported by local residents was the overgrown garden and how, especially for the neighbours either side of the house, the condition could potentially cause damage to their properties.

“It also wasn’t pleasant for them to have to look at the house everyday.

“We’re pleased that the home owners agreed to work with us before we were forced to serve a section 215 notice, which requires houseowners to clean up their property, or a fine of up to £1,000.”