THIS week’s bouquet of the week has been presented to a woman who is leading a project to plant 10,000 trees across the borough of Darlington.

Roz Henderson was one of a number of people who launched Darlington Forest Project in November 2019, with the aim of increasing the tree cover across the area.

Roz is a chartered accountant, but reduced her hours from full-time to part-time in January 2020 to concentrate on co-ordinating the project.

Her dedication to the cause earned her a nomination for our bouquet from David Clark, an active member of the project.

Mr Clark said: “Roz works tirelessly behind the scenes for Darlington Forest Group, a charitable trust she and a friend set up last year that plans to plant more than 10,000 more trees in the borough of Darlington over the coming years.

“In the summer, she applied for funding to the Urban Tree Challenge Fund and she was unsure at the time of applying whether she would be successful, but it worked and, thanks to Roz, the project has £7,820 to plant 6,800 trees.”

The trees will be planted along Tornado Way, which runs from Haughton Road to the bypass and alongside the original Stockton and Darlington Railway, in time for the railway’s 200th anniversary in 2025.

Mr Clark said: “Roz puts in a lot of long hours and hard work to make Darlington a more tree-friendly town. She is so inspiring and really dedicated to the cause. Lots of people have joined the project as a direct result of Roz and her enthusiasm.”

Roz said: “I just felt that I wanted to really put some effort into improving the world and planting trees locally is a way to do this. We had a good first planting season and planted over 1,400 trees. We have even bigger plans this season to plant over 8,000 trees.”

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