HALLOWEEN is just around the corner, which is the perfect time to delve into the stories and history behind County Durham’s local haunts.

From ghosts that rip crucifixes off the walls, to dolls that move on their own- there are certainly some chilling stories to be told. 

You might have visited some of these pubs without even knowing about their haunted history. 

Here are five of the most haunted pubs in County Durham- have you been to any?

The Dun Cow Inn, Elvet, Durham

The Northern Echo: The Dun Cow Inn (Photo: Google Maps)The Dun Cow Inn (Photo: Google Maps)

In the past, this pub was the place where hangmen would stay before and after hangings.

The spectre at this inn is said to be Mary Ann Cotton, who is thought to have murdered around 15 people in the 1800s.

Objects at the pub are said to move by themselves and beer pumps are often interfered with.

Footsteps have been heard in the corridor and people have even claimed to see apparitions in the bar.  

Paranormal Investigators, The Spectre Detectors ,went to The Dun Cow to see if they could capture any paranormal activity on camera.

(Youtube/Spectre Detectors)

They captured footage of a doll falling from the counter- did it fall by accident off or was it pushed by a spirit?

The Foresters Arms, Coatham Mundeville, Darlington

The Northern Echo: The Foresters Arms (Photo: Google Maps)The Foresters Arms (Photo: Google Maps)

Spooky tales stories and unexplained goings on have been reported in this pub.

Back in 2008, the landlady of the pub said she was mysteriously locked in the cellar over night.

Kate Umpleby assumed thieves were responsible and didn’t get out until she was discovered by her boyfriend in the morning.

She also talked about how her dog whimpered for no reason when coming down the stairs.

Other landlords believed the ghost were nuns from a nunnery that was on the site centuries ago.

The Shakespeare, Saddler Street, Durham

The Northern Echo: The Shakespeare (Photo: Google Maps)The Shakespeare (Photo: Google Maps)

This pub was built in 1190 AD and is considered to be one of the most haunted pubs in Durham.

There are reports of people’s shirts getting tugged and people claim to hear people’s footsteps running up and down the stairs.

Ghosts are said to follow you to the toilets and whisper in your ear.

People also claim that the sewing machine in the back would randomly start up on its own.

The Merry Monk, George Street, Bishop Auckland

The Northern Echo: The Merry Monk (Photo: Google Maps)The Merry Monk (Photo: Google Maps)

Punters and staff at this pub say temperatures plummet in this cellar and they often feel like they are being watched.

Elaine Kelly said she experienced a lot of paranormal things while doing an investigation with the Spectre Detectors.

At the very start of the investigation, a cross was flung across the room.

One member of the team even picked up the spirit of a monk who was flogged- then red marks appeared on her back.

(Facebook/Spectre Detectors)

Most hauntingly- the crew took a photo which they believes is a monk staring out from the darkness.

The Northern Echo: Is this the spirit of a monk? (Photo: Elaine Kelly)Is this the spirit of a monk? (Photo: Elaine Kelly)

She also captured a picture which she believes captures the image of a ghost dog- which is eerie considered the paranormal team heard howling and barking coming from the cellar.

Dog and Gun, Bearpark, Durham

The Northern Echo: The Dog and Gun (Photo: Google Maps)The Dog and Gun (Photo: Google Maps)
This pub is said to be haunted by a ghost who stalks the cellar and female restrooms.

People have reported seeing the figure of an old man wearing a long black coat.

Unexplained noises and whispers have also been heard at the back of the pub, as well as behind the bar after closing time.

Large metal objects have also been thrown across the cellar.