A HEALTH tech startup is gearing up to launch its first online talk focusing on the current state of medical equipment and systems used to track it within the NHS.

North-East startup FloKi Health helps the health service track, manage and maintain medical equipment with mobile and desktop apps.

Using its bluetooth beacon technology, hospitals could be more efficient and staff can spend less time looking for equipment and more time with patients.

Healthcare decision makers are invited to an online talk hosted by the startup, which will explore asset management and how to create an efficient process that saves money.

The firm says staff spend long periods of time looking for equipment and helping other wards to locate items, highlighting the need for strong processes.

Fenwick Smith, chief executive, said: “By simply understanding the location and status of medical equipment, the NHS can save money and time which can be spent on providing better care for patients.

"FloKi’s technology solves a huge problem the NHS has dealt with for a long time.

"Now, staff are able to track, manage and maintain valuable medical devices across wards, hospitals and trusts, freeing up valuable resources.

"The fact is: the more time saved searching for medical equipment, the more time clinicians can spend doing what they do best: taking care of patients."

The one-hour online talk, which aims to show nurses, clinical managers and NHS executives how to run a health check on their current processes, is on October 14 at 1.30pm and 5.30pm.

Mr Smith added: “We’ve been developing our bluetooth beacon technology to NHS trusts for the past three years and we’ve all seen the strain that the recent coronavirus pandemic has had on our hospitals.

“We encourage trusts to take ownership of their equipment data and use it to make informed decisions on hospital wards – making life easier for staff and saving money.

Anyone interested in attending should visit flokihealth.co.uk