BRITISH Comedy Award winner Bill Bailey will bring his 2021 tour – En Route to Normal – to the North East.

The Utilita Arena, in Newcastle, has confirmed it will host a show of humour, music, songs, and memories on Monday, December 20, 2021.

Tickets will go on sale on at 10am on Friday, October 9, 2020.

In his new show, Bill will ponder the questions – How did we get here? How do we find our way through this? And exactly who are we again?

Tracing lines through chaotic moments in history, he seeks out parallels where human resilience and our ability to endure has got us through times of strife.

He recounts his own experiences of dealing with isolation, including his thoughts on the ‘sounds of lockdown’.

This led to a greater appreciation of birdsong and how the natural music of nature in general has inspired many great composers throughout history, and perhaps led to the creation of music itself.

Our reliance on technology has inspired Bill himself to create dance remixes of video-calling ringtones.

Through music, songs, and memories, Bill considers our changing priorities, the wonder of dogs, how little things can keep you on track and rhapsodises on his new-found love of skydiving.

In a show who’s title Bill had written before we’d even heard of Covid, En Route to Normal has become not just a funny, heartwarming mix of stories, music and history, but a personal mission to find our way through these Strange Times.

For details and tickets visit or call 0844-4936666. Accessible Bookings can be made online, call 0800-9884440 if you need assistance. Venue and booking fees apply.