DOZENS of residents have lodged objections to plans which would see a former hair salon converted into a hot food takeaway.

Thirteen residents, and one councillor, have so far objected to plans to turn former ENVI Hair and Beauty Salon, in Sunderland, into a takeaway.

A planning application has been submitted to Sunderland City Council for A5 permission to sell hot food within Mayfair House on Durham Road.

The plans, submitted on September 10, also include the addition of a 'specialist' extraction or ventilation system to the rear of the building.

But the plans have been met with opposition with concerns over the "constant smell of cooking", cars blocking driveways and parking on double-yellow lines.

Residents in the nearby residential block, Mayfair Buildings also state the plans suggest the ventilation system will face a set of balconies.

'Windows will have to stay closed'

One resident, Brian Rutherford of Durham Road, objected to the plans raising a number of concerns which include unpleasant smells from the site.  

His comments said: "The position of the extractor will be directly in the rear car park of the building where residents have balconies.

"Not only will there be noise there will be a constant smell of cooking in the apartments so windows again will have to stay closed causing no fresh air which can lead to staleness of air, mould and viruses."

Mr Rutherford's comments went on to raise concerns over parking stating there was insufficient parking for customers and delivery drivers.

In his comments, he added: "Parking for customers and delivery drivers, already on this section of road, cycle lanes are constantly used and abused for parking.

"Not only does it restrict the use for cyclists, when exiting Mayfair buildings blocked visibility of on coming traffic is an accident waiting to happen.

"The private area to the entrance of Mayfair buildings used for residential parking will be abused by customers and delivery staff at all hours of day."

'Residents subject to noise and fumes'

Meanwhile, Councillor Andrew Wood for Millfield and Thornholme lodged his objections stating the takeaway would have a "significant adverse impact" on residents. 

His comments said: "The use as a take-away will more people will be either visiting that location into the night, or regular access by delivery drivers will have increased noise through idling engines and car doors."

His comments went on to raise concerns over the rear ventilation system, stating residents would be subjected to noise and fumes. 

Cllr Wood's comments said: "The erection of a flue at the rear will be very close to existing nearby resident's balconies and open windows.

"Residents will be subject to noise and fumes during the day, and late into nights."

'Lack of parking will put pedestrians at risk'

Another resident, Dimitrios Parzigkas of Eden Terrace, said there were enough takeaways within a one-mile radius of Mayfair House. 

His comments also echoed concerns over a lack of available parking saying pedestrians and cyclists would be placed "at risk".

In his comments, Mr Parzigkas said: "Unfortunately, the problem (and it is a major one) is the total lack of parking space there.

"Many times we have people parking illegally on the pavement and on the bike lane, the double yellow lines and the bike lane being frequently and totally ignored.

"Having a takeaway there will only aggravate the problem and put pedestrians and cyclists at risk."

'Current site not attractive to retail vendors'

In his application, applicant Kevin McVey said the proposal would not alter the shop front, and suggested a 'high quality' ventilation system would deal with odours and noise from the kitchen.

Mr McVey's comments acknowledged a lack of available parking in the immediate area outside the premises, but said there are parking spaces in nearby Otto Terrace.

His comments also stated that property advisors had previously told him the current site is 'not attractive' for retail venues but there was demand from hot food providers.

  • To view the planning application in full visit and search for planning application reference 20/01661/FUL