AS Halloween looms closer and the usual trick or treat festivities look to be cancelled, people are hoping to keep the spirit alive with a town-wide 'pumpkin trail'.

Organised by Kath Robinson, The Darlington Pumpkin Trail 2020 aims to see pumpkins light up the night in every neighbourhood across the town, October 31.

The event came around after the tradition of trick or treating appears to be cancelled due to Covid-19 and the current lockdown restrictions across the North East.

Instead, Ms Robinson is encouraging everyone to leave a trail of pumpkins outside of their houses for children to discover, at a safe distance.

All neighbourhoods are encouraged to take part.

Ms Robinson said: "It would just be really nice to get the community out and about, keeping fit and active, walking around and just saying hello or just noticing things.

"I set up the Facebook page after I did a Fairy Trail in a local park at Easter during lockdown. It gave family something to do and that aspect of hope. I thought I would do something similar for Halloween.

"I know there is a North East wide trail, so this is for the local area.

"Darlington reccently has been voted number six in the most thoughtful communities across England, and I liked to build on that."