A WOODS has been spruced up thanks to a partnership between

Tarmac and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

The ‘People and the Planet’ initiative saw volunteers remove hundreds of redundant tree tubes from Bargh Wood in Stainforth for recycling.

They also completed tasks such as weeding and tree guard straightening.

The session was part of Tarmac’s commitment to complete 7,700 hours of volunteering over the next ten years with the Trust.

Leah Galloway of YDMT said: “It was great to be able to finally start the partnership with a safe activity outdoors that would make a big difference to our local environment."

Steve Barker of Tarmac added: “We’re delighted to have finally been able to kick-off the, Covid delayed, start to our new ten-year partnership with YDMT, getting boots on the ground and making a difference in the community where we operate."