A MAGICAL holiday destination in the region has been unveiled - and it looks like something straight out of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter fans are sure to fall under the spell of Hogwarts at this holiday accomodation that resembles the wizarding students' living quarters.

Located within the North Shire at Liverton, near Saltburn, the mystifying dormitory comes complete with wooden four-poster beds and an opulent bathroom.

The dormitory even has its own lounge area that mirrors the Gryffindor common room, inspired by the very room that was shared by Harry and his friends in the set of films. 

See it for yourself here:

The Northern Echo:

The magical accommodation was designed and created earlier this year by Carol Cavendish, who opened the story-book themed venue in 2010.

The Northern Echo:

The dorm comes just 18 months after Ms Cavendish created the Groundkeeper’s Cottage which is based on Hagrid’s Hut in the Harry Potter films and also sleeps six guests.

The Northern Echo: The dorm with owner, Carol CavendishThe dorm with owner, Carol Cavendish

More mystical reminders to guests staying here that they are effectively under the spell of Hogwarts. 

The Northern Echo:

The Dorm also replicates some of the key features of the lavish prefects’ bathroom on the fifth floor of Hogwarts Castle.

The Northern Echo:

It also features a specially-commissioned backlit stained glass window depicting a blonde mermaid that became famous in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film.

'We stayed positive during the darkness of lockdown'

Ms Cavendish, who runs the story-booked themed holiday venue, said the idea had been completed during the lockdown period.

She said: “We stayed positive during the darkness of lockdown and used the time to crack on with completing the next phase of our vision for creating a fantasy story-book themed holiday venue that suits families and those looking to stage a memorable get-together whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or other function.

“Today when there’s so much fear around the pandemic, people are looking for ways they can step back from reality for a short time and be comforted in a world of make-believe which is just what The Dorm aims to do along with our other accommodation.

“We’ve managed to move the weddings booked for this year into 2021 and thankfully we’re now seeing bookings coming in years’ in advance which is great news.”