BUS services were pulled from two villages yesterday evening due to youth antisocial behaviour.

Transport firm Arriva issued a statement notifying commuters that the 22,57 and 58 would not run in Wheatley Hill or Thornley, in east Durham, yesterday evening following a spate of bad behaviour.

In a social media post the company said: "Due to antisocial behaviour in Thornley and Wheatley Hill these services are being pulled from these areas this evening as youths throwing stones and bricks at the buses are endangering passengers and drivers. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Travellers have since criticised the bad behaviour on social media, one Facebook user said: “Absolutely shocking behaviour and hope the drivers and passengers are safe. The safety of the drivers and passengers is priority”

Another added: “They need to be caught and dealt with. It's getting worse with young kids all over.”