MARKING World Mental Health Day on Saturday, October 10, the Army Cadets are aiming to break two Guinness World Record titles – one inside a North Yorkshire mine.

The first attempt is for Beneath the Surface, which will see two of national ambassadors, Sally Orange and Jordan Wylie, attempt to run the deepest underground marathon distance run (team), at ICL Boulby Mine, North Yorkshire.

The marathon is appropriately titled Beneath the Surface to demonstrate how a person can does not know what is going on underneath the surface in someone else's mind.

Boulby Mine is the world's first – and only – Polyhalite Mine and it will be no mean feat, as the most shallow portion of the course will be at least 1,000 metres below ground.

Speaking about the marathon, Ms Orange said: “It seemed a perfect opportunity to highlight a topic very close to my heart in a unique and challenging way.

"I have a real understanding of how difficult poor mental health can be and want to get it to a point where it is as normal to speak about as a common cold.

"We all struggle psychologically from time to time, it’s part and parcel of being a human being.”

The running team have chosen three beneficiary charities for this challenge; Young Minds, SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity and Frontline Children

The second attempt is for the Mass Participation Online title.

Army cadets and adult volunteers wanted to get involved in marking World Mental Health Day, so the Army's second Guinness Work Record attempt will be to set the record for the most people completing an online mental health awareness course in 24 hours.

While bagging a world record title, it also means that each participant will be able to recognise the signs of poor mental health and help end the stigma.

While Ms Orange and Mr Wylie are running underground, the online mental health awareness course will be open to all members of the Army Cadets.

By the evening of Saturday, October10, the Army Cadets hope to have set two new Guinness World Record titles.

Colonel Chris Young, Army Cadet force chief medical support officer and national mental health advocate, said: “Mental Health can affect anyone and this year to mark World Mental Health Day the Army Cadets will be attempting to set an official world record for the most people completing an online mental health awareness course in 24 hours.

"This will help our cadets and adult volunteers break down some of the stigmas associated with mental health whilst also setting a new world record is fantastic and I’m looking forward to everyone taking part.”

The Army Cadet Force is a youth organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and the British Army.

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