POLICE have been asked to patrol a play area after chains and fencing put up to stop children using damaged equipment was repeatedly pulled down.

Barnard Castle Town Council used chains and signage to prevent people climbing on a rope bridge at Bouch Way play area, which needs repairs due to the wear and tear.

However, when a council maintenance man went to inspect the site this morning he discovered the chains had been removed.

Town clerk Martin Clark said: “This is now the third time this has happened, it is very disappointing.

“We’ve put orange fencing up and that was removed, since the chains were put up on Friday someone has taken time to remove the spider’s web of chains and signs.

“The chains have even disappeared but we will go back and do it again.

“Sealing the unit off is for safety reasons so whoever is removing things could they please stop.

“We do not want to see anyone get hurt.

“The police have been asked to monitor the area for us.”

The Northern Echo:

The council said the parts to fix the rope bridge have been ordered but there is a long lead time. It is hoped they will be available by the end of the week so the repairs can be arranged.