TWO men who attacked and robbed the owners of a takeaway are starting lengthy prison sentences after being caught red-handed.

Ian Doble and Anthony Adkins subjected the couple to a harrowing ordeal after they gained entry to the Eastern Paradise in Saltburn.

The pair's plans were derailed when a witness spotted them acting suspiciously and called the police.

The couple were attacked in their own home as Doble and Adkins demanded cash and jewellery before ransacking the property.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the female victim was hit over the head with a wooden weapon leaving her with constant headaches and memory loss.

In victim impact statements they both described how their lives had been turned upside down by the robbery on August 1 this year.

She said: "The incident was such a shock that I have been suffering from high blood pressure and I am still feeling sore from the attack. I'm scared to be in the restaurant and in our own home upstairs and I am constantly feeling worried about it happening again."

Her husband said: "During all the years I have lived here I have never experienced any trouble. I'm in ill health already and when the robbery happened it was a massive shock and I feel traumatised by it."

Dr Chris Wood, prosecuting, the victims were both attacked within their own home and had been left feeling scared by the incident.

He said: "He told police that Adkins grabbed him round the throat and mouth and told him to shut up and not shout for help.

"She described to police how she was in bed at the time and Mr Doble came into the bedroom and in possession of a screwdriver – he said 'I want money' before conducting an untidy search of the property."

Doble, 38, of Dixon Street, Skelton, pleaded guilty to robbery and assault on an emergency worker, while Adkins, 42, of Pearl Street, Saltburn, pleaded guilty to robbery.

John Nixon, representing Doble, said his client had accepted full responsibility and apologised for his actions.

And Stephen Constantine, representing Adkins, said he had never been involved in anything like robbery prior to this offence.

Judge Paul Watson QC jailed Doble for seven years and three months and Adkins to five years and four months.

He said the robbery had a devastating impact on the lives of the couple.