YOUNGSTERS from a primary school have been saving their experiences from the coronavirus lockdown to help educate future generations.

Consett Junior School children have been taking part in a history project to pass on pupils in the future.

Their time capsule is due to be opened in ten years’ time to show what life was like during 2020.

Dawn Raine, the school’s operations manager, said: “The reasoning behind it was to pull together lockdown from the children’s perspective and how they coped staying at home.

“We are a community focused school and losing that for several months during lockdown was tough.

“We asked for secret letters to be written by the children to explain how it all felt and what they did.

“These, along with photos, have been buried. Then in ten years we will display them either in school or in a hall for the public to view.

“The letters and photos will represent the love for the NHS and frontline workers, as well as the family times together and also moments of uncertainty and fear of Covid.”

The memory box idea was the brainchild of photographer Mark Wilkinson who has worked with the school over lock down.

North-West Durham MP Richard Holden visited the school last Friday to help children bury the capsule.

He said: “It was an absolute delight to be at Consett Juniors to help them bury their time capsule.

“I am sure it will be absolutely fascinating in ten years’ time for all the children to look back at this period, which for many was very difficult.

“I am delighted that the school and the children have made the best of it and turned it into a positive experience, something that they can look forward to for the future.

“I look forward to visiting this excellent local school again very soon and thank the head, the teachers and everyone involved for hosting me and for organising this great project.”