EVERY home in Middlesbrough is receiving vital safety information and free face coverings as the fight to stem the spread of coronavirus moves up a gear.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston is spearheading the latest initiative which will see more than 65,000 leaflets delivered to residents across the borough.

Re-usable face coverings will be handed out alongside the leaflets to help people follow the latest guidance.

The move follows a recent rise in cases in Middlesbrough which has seen the town added to a Government watchlist as an ‘area of concern'.

Lockdown measures could return to some or all of the borough if the local infection rate continues to grow.

The information leaflet spells out key advice to help people keep themselves and those around them safe, and minimise the risk of spreading the disease which has already claimed more than 200 lives locally.

Precaution underlined in the leaflet include, covering your face, washing hands regularly and avoid close contact with others.