A MOTHER has been left furious after a garment bought for her daughter's birthday from Primark in Sunderland was 'soiled' in make-up.

Suzanne Chapman purchased a £10 jumper as part of £120 worth of goods ahead of her daughter's 23rd birthday last weekend.

The woman, of Easington in County Durham, has criticised the store for 'ignoring' quarantine rules and 'failing to clean' returned goods.

Earlier this week, Primark confirmed a staff member had tested positive at the same store as concerns were raised over health and safety.

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It had been claimed that staff working at the fashion store were not told whether they had been near, or worked alongside, the affected case.

But last night, Ms Chapman described the moment her daughter made the discovery of make-up stains on, and in, the collar. 

She told The Northern Echo: "My daughter opened it for her birthday and noticed the stain.

"I went to look at it and just dropped it straight away, I just couldn't believe it."

The Northern Echo:

The jumper from Primark Sunderland Picture: SUZANNE CHAPMAN/NORTHERN ECHO

Ms Chapman, who regularly shops at the store in The Bridges Shopping Centre, said the goods had been purchased during the family's first visit since lockdown.

She said: "My daughter is disabled and my mother is disabled and they've been shielding for 16 weeks, and this was our first outing in town.

"I'd spent £122.50 on clothes mainly for my daughter - I normally spend a good amount when going in, even if its just for little things." 

Ms Chapman, who said the stains were not immediately obvious as they were mainly on the back, immediately rang the store to raise her concerns.

She said: "I rang the store to tell them what had happened and they said we will exchange it 'just for your inconvenience.'

The Northern Echo:

Primark in Sunderland Picture: NORTHERN ECHO

"I said look it’s bad enough that it has make up on, but I said you’re supposed to clean them and it is clear nobody is cleaning the garments.

"A staff member even admitted to me, before I got through the manager, that people were trying clothes in the store because the changing rooms aren't open."

READ MORE: Concerns raised after positive Covid case at Primark Sunderland

Ms Chapman said she strongly believed the affected garment had previously been worn as the collar also appeared stretched, upon closer inspection.

She said: "I thought they're not taking this seriously. My daughter is disabled and has a weakened immue system and my disabled mum has been self-isolating.

"The cases in Sunderland are rife, and this happens."

Ms Chapman said she now intended to return the majority of the garments to the store and vowed to avoid shopping at Primark Sunderland in future.

"I won't be going back to shop there again," she added.

In response to Ms Chapman's concerns, a Primark spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience and are in touch with her about her complaint.

"Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues, and we have extensive safety and social distancing measures in place in our stores due to Covid-19.

"In line with government guidance, all products that are returned by customers are placed into quarantine for 48 hours before going back onto the shop floor.”