A WOMAN who got behind the wheel whilst almost twice the legal drink-drive limit crashed into a parked van and then ran away, a court heard.

The uninsured driver collided with a stationary Ford Transit on Woodland Road in Darlington on the evening of Thursday, August 13.

Georgia Robinson told magistrates sitting at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates' Court that she ran away because she was scared.

Rachel Butt, prosecuting, said: "The defendant was driving a grey Hyundai I30 which belonged to one of her friends, and she had permission to drive that vehicle.

"At around 1am in the morning she collided with a parked vehicle and then fled the scene on foot, making no attempt to exchange any details with the owner of the vehicle she collided with.

"Police located Miss Robinson who said she was involved in an accident but she was not the driver."

A road side breath test was carried out and the defendant was found to have 62mg of alcohol in her breath, the legal limit is 35mg.

The owner of the Ford Transit said in a statement: "Through no fault of my own I now have to organise a replacement vehicle for work.

"This has caused me a lot of aggravation and financial loss, I am also concerned that the driver may not be insured which would cause me further financial loss."

Robinson, of Alwyn Road, Darlington, pleaded guilty to driving whilst over the legal drink drive limit, driving without third party insurance and failing to stop following a road accident in which she was the driver.

The 24-year-old, who represented herself in court, said: "There is no excuse for ever getting behind the wheel when you're over the limit and I'm extremely sorry.

"There is no excuse for it.

"Obviously I ran away and that was because I was scared.

"I do have an insurance policy but I wasn't insured to drive another car, obviously I didn't realise that.

"It is so out of character for me. I know I could have had an accident and hurt somebody or I could have hurt myself and left my son without a mam.

"I did not feel like I was over the limit, but of course I was. I had been drinking but kept putting my drink down and forgetting about it.

"I had had a really bad day but I know that is no excuse. I am really sorry.

"I can't take my little boy to school or take him anywhere now. I'm so sorry and I will never ever do that again."

Keith Richardson, chair of the bench, told Robinson: "You have made some very silly choices here."

The 24-year-old, who sobbed throughout the hearing, was banned from driving for 17 months.

She was fined £240 and ordered to pay £250 compensation to the owner of the Ford Transit.

The court ordered no costs or victim surcharge.