THE fast food chain McDonald's has clarified its rules on face coverings after customers complained they were wrongly turned away by restaurant staff.

McDonald's has come under fire from furious customers who have claimed they were prevented from dining-in because they did not have a face covering.

On social media, the chain was accused of making up its own rules and 'not following' what government guidance officially says.

Another disgruntled customer claimed he was turned away by restaurant staff after a visit earlier this week.  

Meanwhile, this customer accused McDonald's of providing false statements to visitors. 

According to official guidance, restaurants, bars and pubs that offer table service does not require customers to wear face coverings when dining in. 

There is currently no guidance which suggests restaurants should ask people entering to wear face coverings. 

In response, McDonald's clarified the rules and confirmed dine-in customers should not be prevented from entering without a face covering.

A spokesperson for McDonald's said: “In line with Government guidance in England takeaway customers are required to wear a face covering at all times while in our restaurants.

"Also in line with the guidance, dine-in customers can go directly to a table and order using the My McDonald’s App without a face covering, but should wear one if moving around the restaurant - for example using the self-order screens, ordering at the counter or if using the toilets.”