DEHENNA Davison, MP for Bishop Auckland, hit back after her constituents were described as ‘hillbillies’ during a heated exchange on social media.

The insult came from Natalie Rowe, a former sex worker, who became well-known after a picture of her with former chancellor George Osborne became public.

She was responding to Ms Davison’s message on Twitter on Monday night in which she said she had just voted to ‘#GetBrexitDone’.

Ms Davison faced widespread criticism online from followers as the controversial Internal Markets Bill re-defines the terms of the so-called ‘Oven Ready’ Brexit deal voters endorsed at the last General Election.

It breaches international law and concerns have been raised it undermines the country’s standing in the world and puts UK’s union at risk.

Ms Davison later said: “I voted to preserve the integrity of our United Kingdom.

“And to ensure our nation retains its sovereignty.

“Both are things I will never apologise for.”

Ms Rowe, a contestant in Big Brother in 2016, made her offensive comments in response to the initial tweet, which claimed she was voting to Get Brexit Done.

She tweeted: “And your reason for stating this is what exactly?

“Attention seeking, because no one knows who the heck you are, apart from those hillbillies that voted for you.”

Ms Davison hit back in defence of her constituents.

She said: “Natalie, you have literally just referred to 24k people in Bishop Auckland as hillbillies.

“I suggest you take a moment to step back and reflect on what a ridiculous, offensive statement you have just tweeted.

“How dare you refer to Bishop Auckland residents in such a way.”

Ms Rowe, who has now written a book, Whipping Up A Storm, about her exploits in five-star hotels with men who hold positions of power, was unrepentant.

She responded with “I just DID! Now what????!!!

“How dare you” who do you think you are?

“You don’t own my Mouth, Ms Hillbilly.

“What are you going to do about it?

“I said what I said.

“You’re the one that voted to break international law.

“Now go and cry in your river of shame.”