THE owner of a vintage car that vanished without a trace is ‘over the moon’ after it was found safe.

The car was found on Saturday September 12 in a car park in Shiney Row, Houghton- le- Spring hidden behind some garages.

The police are now in the process of returning the car to the owner, Tony Willis.

The car has been checked and no damage in present.

The Morris Minor was thought long gone by the owners after it was taken on Monday August 31. Mr Willis spent the next day driving round the area looking for the car, thinking it had been taken by joyriders.

The car itself is a 1957 model of the Morris Minor and one of the very first with a full screen view.

There were several sightings of the car over the past week in the Durham area.

Mr Willis said: “I am absolutely thrilled that my Moggy has been found. I really didn’t expect it to turn up and am simply delighted. My thanks go out to Ken who found it, to everyone who helped with the search, The Northern Echo and to all Morris Minor enthusiasts. I cannot wait to bring it home.”