A TEESSIDE nurse has followed up her Covid-19 experiences with a pop smash.

Mika Mamon, the Teesside nurse whose track Stand Together Apart became a support anthem for health and care workers, is back with a bang and a high energy pop track that sums up everything we've missed about summer, 'Holiday Romance'.

Mika said: "After the tragic events over the winter and spring, and with the sombre mood of the nation, including my own, times were pretty bleak, I wanted to come back with something positive and upbeat. To cheer myself up as well as everyone else.

"The outpouring of support from people listening to Stand Together Apart and hundreds of thousands of views and streams was truly humbling. But I hope now we can all put that behind us and bring back an optimistic mood, particularly amongst those of us in the health and care world who need a boost. If this helps in a small way, then I will have achieved what I set out to do."

The track itself is delivered with a retro 80's dance vibe in the style of Whitney Houston meets Kylie Minogue, with a splash of Duo Lipa.

The video is out now on youtube and features footage from holiday destinations across the globe but with a couple of small secrets.

Mika added: "The song is about those fleeting holiday romances people have that seem to be over before they've even begun.

"Not that it's happened to me. I've never had that. I've never been on that kind of holiday. It's just storytelling for anyone who has been lucky enough to do that."

The video vibe is an exotic summer holiday party and features romantic scenes from around the world but Mika's scenes were shot at Cattersty Beach near Skinningrove.

She said: "I live next to the Cleveland Way and, whilst Skinningrove might not seem to be the most exotic location, it is an absolutely beautiful gem of an area and under a summer sun is perfect.

"I think everyone in the music industry wants to safely return to live music and I'm making tentative steps to playing live in a responsible, socially distanced way. Hopefully in the coming months we can start to sing and dance again. In the meantime, we'll need to be safe and patient."

Holiday Romance is being released on September 21 on all major streaming services from Slider Records.

Find out more at www.mikamamon.com.