POLICE have warned they will deal robustly with youths causing public order offences after breaking up a rave involving around 200 young people in Consett at the weekend and having to deal with large gatherings of drunken youths in Wingate.

Consett Police found around 200 young people and a sound system behind the Consett Football Club on Saturday evening after getting complaints of a disturbance. The group dispersed in the directions of Consett and Leadgate.

A police spokesperson saiad: “Things may be returning to some semblance of normality at the moment, but we’d like to remind everyone that we aren’t out of the woods yet, and large gatherings are still not advisable.

“Any further reports of anti-social behaviour will be investigated and dealt with appropriately, but in the meantime we’d appreciate the help of parents in making sure that your kids are accounted for.”

In Wingate police have had number of complaints of large groups of drunken youths over the last fortnight. Youths also allegedly assaulted emergency service workers who are trying to keep them safe.

A Peterlee Police spokesperson said: “It is strongly advised that parents attend this area and remove their children to a safe place.

“Officers will deal robustly with any youths found to be causing public order offences or found to be drunk.”