VISITORS have been warned to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places after pictures showed Whitby packed with people last weekend.

North Yorkshire County Council has warned visitors that cases of coronavirus are slowly increasing in the area.

It has warned that people take precautionary measures to ensure the risk of transmission is reduced - and that businesses are not forced to close.

The Northern Echo captured these images of Pier Road last Saturday as hundreds of visitors were seen crammed together.

The Northern Echo: Picture: NORTHERN ECHOPicture: NORTHERN ECHO

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council said: “We are urging anybody visiting North Yorkshire’s beauty spots to protect their friends and family and stay safe.

"Maintain social distancing, avoid crowded places, wash or sanitise your hands regularly and wear a face covering on public transport, in shops and indoor public spaces.

“Cases of Covid-19 in the county remain low, but they are creeping up.

"It lies within our own power as residents of North Yorkshire to prevent more outbreaks and to make sure our businesses can stay open.

"Please look after yourselves and your family – help keep our shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels open – please play your part in our economic recovery and take all necessary precautions to stop the spread."