A PLASTIC-FREE, zero-waste supermarket, is once again open for business – but with a new twist.

When co-owners of The Only Way Out, Mary Elizabeth Webb and Adam Carroll, first visited the former HSBC bank on Stokesley High Street, they were captivated by the old building, but especially the huge walk in safe.

They agreed that the vast space of the bank was a perfect venue to display their products, and the old rustic safe had real potential.

“We had grand ideas to transform the safe into a beer and wine cellar,” said Mary. “These ideas were present from the beginning. However, while the idea was in development, we utilised the space as an art gallery for local artists such as Charles Parry and Kaitlyn Morgan, which flooded the room with colour and was a wonderful feature for customers, as well as a great platform to showcase their artwork.

“The acoustics were of notable appeal and for our grand opening, myself and my friend Emily Struthers performed an acoustic set in there which was brilliant.”

They have now installed sultry lighting and industrial pipes for the shelving in the safe, and their project for their beer and wine cellar is now well underway.

Supporting local businesses is part of what they do and they have sourced local beers and wines from the area, creating the only off-license in Stokesley.

So, instead of a place for money, valuables and documents, the old safe is now a treasure trove of local ales, spirits, ciders, wines from the widely-loved Newhouse Wines, Captain Cooks Distillery/Brewery, Helmsley Brewery and The Three Brothers Brewing Company.

“We will be selling a vast array of local beers, gins, spirits and wines and will have them available in bottles,” said Adam. “And eventually as refills, so you will be able to bring your own bottles or pre-order a demijohn of local beer. We plan on hosting beer, whisky, cheese and wine tasting evenings and much more once the lockdown has eased.”