A TEESSIDE Year 7 student has secured the highest possible grade in AS-level maths - despite studying the qualification five years early.

Edward Mogie, 12, from Norton in Stockton, joined Teesside High from Crooksbarn Primary School having secured a top grade 9 in GCSE Maths whilst he was in Year 5.

Ed went on to secure a grade 9 in GCSE Statistics, an A* in GCSE further mathematics and an A in Level 3 additional maths in Year 6, on top of full marks in his SATs examinations.

The talented mathematician has been studying AS-level maths alongside his usual Year 7 subjects.

He said: “I wasn’t sure how the last few months would affect my AS-level studies so I am shocked today to receive my result.

“I have worked very hard both in school and with my distance learning and continue to love studying Maths at such a high level. I hope to complete my A-level soon and even study A-level Further Maths in the years to come.”

The Northern Echo:

Ed’s mother, Mrs Mogie, said: “We continue to be so proud of Ed’s achievements. He has always loved Maths from a young age and at Teesside High the focus is very much about him and what he can achieve in the subject.”

Kirsty Mackenzie, head at Teesside High School, said: “Ed is a shining example of what personalised learning can achieve.

“Teesside High School boasts a strong track record with early entry examinations, but not usually five years early!  Ed is the youngest student to secure such an excellent result in AS Mathematics at Teesside High.

“I am very grateful to our brilliant Maths department for personalising an outstanding programme of teaching for Ed, particularly through lockdown.

“Ed’s commitment to his studies never wavered and this result is extremely well deserved.”