A MAN who admitted a charge of aggravated vehicle taking on the day of his scheduled trial has been warned, “custody will be uppermost in the court’s mind”, when he is sentenced.

Craig Coney previously denied the allegation, relating to a Seat Leon vehicle said to have been taken in the Crook area, on April 29, last year.

Within a short time of it being taken, it was crashed and damaged.

But with a jury ready to be assembled for the start of the trial at Durham Crown Court, defence counsel Liam O’Brien, told the court: “I have spoken to him in the cells and he no longer wants to contest any matter.”

The charges were put to Coney once more and he not only pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, but also to charges of causing criminal damage of a bed belonging to another man, intimidation of a witness and common assault, relating to the same man, both committed on September 19, 2019.

Judge Ray Singh agreed to adjourn sentence for preparation of a probation report on Coney, but told him: “Can I warn you that custody is uppermost in the court’s mind and the mere fact I’m adjourning for a report should not be taken to mean custody will not be a consideration.”

He remanded the 28-year-old defendant, of Canterbury Crescent, Willington, in custody until the sentencing hearing on September 9.