Using police data from June 2019- June 2020, we can see which streets in County Durham are often targeted by burglars.

The data also shows us how many of these burglary cases go unsolved.

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Streets with the highest burglary rates

There were 3363 reports of burglary in County Durham between June 2019- June 2020. 

According to police data, the County Durham street with the most burglaries is Front Street in Durham. There have been 35 burglary reports on this street between June 2019 and June 2020.

The street with the second most burglary reports is Sixth Street in Petelee, with 23 incident reports.

Station Road in Stanley isn’t far behind, with 17 burglary reports over a twelve month period.

High Street (16 reports) and Church Street (13) in Durham were also among the streets with the highest burglary rates.

Burglary trends

As you can tell from the graph, burglary reports seem to increase later in the year, particularly in the run up to Christmas (October 2019- December 2019).

321 burglaries were reported in October 2019 and 312 were reported in December.

When coronavirus lockdown was announced in April, burglaries dropped dramatically and 175 were reported in that first month.

However, these figures have been slowly creeping up since then and 241 incidents were reported in June 2020- an increase of 12 on the June before.

Since the start of coronavirus lockdown (April 2020- June 2020), the street most targeted by thieves is Wood Vue in Spennymoor- 5 burglaries were reported on this street in June alone.

Eleventh Street also had some of the highest burglary rates, with 5 reports between April and June of this year.

How many burglary cases have been solved?

According to the police data, in 67% of County Durham’s burglary cases (April 2019-April 2020) no suspect is identified.

However, 142 cases have been taken to court and are awaiting an outcome and a further 221 are under investigation.