A CALL centre has been closed for a deep-clean after two members of staff tested positive for Covid-19.

Vehicle rental company Auxillis shut its Peterlee contact centre on Monday and is understood to be paying for all staff who have been working at the site to be tested for coronavirus.

The centre has space for about 200 people but has been accommodating just 50 employees in recent weeks, as van hire has been lower than usual and to enable safety measures to be put in place.

It is understood that on Friday a woman, who works there but had not been on the call centre floor for seven or eight days, informed bosses she had tested positive for the virus.

As she had not been onsite for more than a week, she was asked to follow Government guidelines and self-isolate and seek medical advice if her condition deteriorated.

On Monday a second employee, who had not been in the office for about six days, rang in sick.

It was then that the company closed the site for a deep clean, with a view to returning after three days. Its duties were picked up by staff in other centres across the UK.

A spokesperson for Redde Northgate, parent company of Auxillis, said: “The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. Both now and throughout the pandemic we have acted in accordance with Government guidelines.

“In this instance we have taken the decision to close the building to undertake a deep clean and it is anticipated that the site will be re-opened after 72 hours.”